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Brakes For Less

17820 Highway 99, Ste C, Lynnwood, WA 98037
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Established in 1987 Brakes for Less located in Lynwood, WA has been providing people in the Northwest with exceptional quality brake service for 25 years. Let our highly skilled techs get you back on the road in no time! Services offered; brake pads, shoes, calipers, hoses, rotors, power brake boosters, wheel bearings and drive axles. Call today for more services.

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Citysearch User
Level 1
Tuesday, January 22, 2013
Great service
I've had Tom at Brakes for Less check, service and repair/replace (when needed) my brakes on all my autos I've owned throughout the years.
I couldn't ask for a more trustworthy and reasonably priced brake repair service!
I highly recommend Brakes for Less to anyone in need of this service!!
Price Range: $100 - $200
Recommended: Yes
Level 1
Friday, October 1, 2010
Never Again!
I've brought all of my vehicles to Brakes for Less over the past 10 years and have referred many people to them as well, but never again! I went in for a simple front rotor turn to correct a steering wheel shimmy when braking, and after three visits, $415 and listening to a lot of "not our fault" type explanations, the problem is finally fixed. Boy do I feel better (joke)! When I initially took my 4Runner in, I explained to Brian that the front rotors needed to be turned becasuse of the steering wheel shimmy. He said they would check-out all the brakes and give me a call to let me know what was needed. I was told that the front rotors needed to be replaced, and that the rear drums were out-of-round and needed to be turned. I thought that the rear drum problem was odd, but trusted them as I always had in the past. $295 later (no pads or shoes replaced) I had a pulsating brake pedal and a grinding noise coming from the rear. I took the 4Runner back in and Tom could not feel the problem when he drove it initially (amazing for a professional brake mechanic), but said that he would pull them apart. They machined the front rotors. Tom drove it again and felt there was indeed a small amount of pulsating. They re-machined the rear drums. When I sat in the waiting room I could hear the drums turning on the lathe. The cutter head would catch and break free as the drum turned, clearly indicative of it being machined eccentric the first time. They obviously had not chucked it up in the lathe correctly the first time they had machined it, for which I had been charged $50. I returned a 3rd time, test drove it with Tom, and he confirmed that there was a slight pulsating problem. Obviously since he could not turn the drums any further to correct the eccentricity problem (down to minimum allowed wall thickness), he sold me new drums for $120 (special deal, his cost) I explained that I should not be charged for the drums because I had come in with perfectly good drums that they had incorrectly diagnosed and ruined by machining. To
Price Range: $300 - $500
Recommended: No
Citysearch User

Citysearch User

Tuesday, November 18, 2008
Brakes For Less by Deanna K. at InsiderPages
The best place to go if you need brakes. Very qualified mechanics, reasonable prices and they will check them for free. Been going to them for years.

Recommended: Yes
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