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Futon Factory

17617 NE 65th St, # 2, Redmond, WA 98052
Futon Factory Mojo 3/ 5
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Citysearch User


Monday, June 16, 2008
Cool Futons and really cool convertibles!!!
This is a GREAT place to find a very comfortable futon mattress with a frame that is actually totally well-built. These guys have been around forever. I know their parent company is Epoch Design- they make children's furniture for Costco... cool loft beds and everything, and this stuff is in their futon factory stores as well. Often you can find seconds or samples for a really good deal. They have some of those convertible sofa beds in cool colors too, the ones that are all over the internet, but their prices are better. This is great stuff for college kids too. I'm a fan. Miss Alissa

Pros: Great prices and cool, well-built stuff. Been around forever.

Recommended: Yes
Citysearch User

Citysearch User

Sunday, June 25, 2006
Solid, but no great deals by Ben C. at InsiderPages
I went to futon factory looking for a new couch/bed combo for my small apartment. After 3 visits, I came away with a nice futon cover at a reasonable price, but never bought a futon bed there.

Futon factory offers a good selection on different forms and styles of futon beds made with different types and colors of materials. Their staff is very helpful in explaining the pros and cons of the different frames and, more importantly, the 5 different types of futon mattresses that they offer.

But of course, a purchase is not made because of good customer service or good selection alone. It also depends on price. At futon factory, you pay for the selection and customer service. For me, most selections were simply priced out, which made my effective selection pool very limited.

When price was considered, I simply couldn't find a futon set at this store that I wanted. Because of that, I got the reasonably-priced futon cover (they have a great selection of designs, and lots of in-stock covers) and went online to find a used futon couch/bed.

Recommended: Yes
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