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Located in the beautiful Towne Center at Cedar Lodge, The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge offers a unique approach to wellness where aesthetics, rejuvenation and enlightenment converge. Owned and operated by two prominent local doctors, Tasha Shamlin, M.D. and Kenyatta Shamlin, M.D., our spa blends the relaxing elements of a luxury retreat with the expertise and technology of a physician’s office. It is the ultimate source for the most recognized and effective anti-aging and aesthetic skin care procedures. At the Medical Spa of Baton Rouge, we use a unique combination of cutting-edge technology, customized skin care programs and client education to help each individual meet and surpass their own expectations. This innovative and tailored approach, allows us to safely and effectively treat men and women of all skin types and colors. At The Medical Spa of Baton Rouge, we celebrate differences and approach everyone as unique individuals.
7150 Jefferson Highway, Suite 530 Baton Rouge, LA 70806
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Hair Removal
Baton Rouge
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The Medical Spa Of Baton Rouge
, 3 Reviews
7150 Jefferson Highway, Suite 530 Baton Rouge, LA 70806
(225) 216-7885
845 N Jefferson Ave, Port Allen, LA 70767 50.3 mi
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Cosmetic Surgery
Port Allen
West Baton Rouge Museum
, 0 Reviews
845 N Jefferson Ave, Port Allen, LA 70767
(225) 336-2422

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