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New York, NY

Member Since
February 12, 2012

Favorite Website

Second Favorite Site
Google Maps

Favorite Video
Anything Clint

Favorite Restaurant
Canlis Seattle

Tags that describe me
Retired Sommelier

In my spare time I...

People Say I...
Said. Need to retire

Favorite Travel Place
The Herbfarm

Favorite Band
Sir Elton John

Favorite Movie
TV Big Bang Theroy

Favorite Book
Wine ent

With extra money I buy...
Wine & Cigars

My best childhood memory...
Coming to America

My parents always told me...
About the good ole days

Vino D
Life is a Cabernet
Level 8
Vino D unlocked the Sweet Tooth Kudos
Some people like going out for dinner, but you live for dessert. You definitely have earned the Sweet Tooth Kudos.
in Boise, ID
Level 8
Voted for TCBY
Best Service Around
The product may be about the same at all TCBY's. But you sure can't beat the Service at the North End TCBY. The employees are the Nicest in town. Don't forget your PunchCard.
in Boise, ID
Level 8
The VodBox is amazing, of course so is everything else too.
in Beverly Hills, CA
Level 8
Vino D unlocked the Ole! Kudos
Good taste is everything, mi amigo. You've earned the Ole! Kudos.
in Boise, ID
Level 8
Voted for Parrilla Grill
great food and drinks
but busy busy busy
in Boise, ID
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